Shaun has been working as a Regional Marketing for a MNC for more than 10 years before joining the real estate industry in the year 2018.

Many people have asked him why he sacrificed a well paid and stable job for one which is unstable and needs a lot of hard work.

For one simple reason. Because he saw the huge potential in the real estate industry.

Within two years in ERA, Shaun has achieved the top 8% agent award among the more than 7000 agents within ERA. He has also progressed quickly from an Associate all the way to Senior Marketing Director within this period of time.

Putting monetary reward aside, this is the industry which he has helped many of his clients to purchase their probably biggest ticket item in their lifetime. He enjoyed great satisfaction when he has successfully helped his client to secure their dream home, or to sell their existing homes and upgrade to the next one.

The knowledge and skills which he continuously acquires has benefitted many of his clients. He has helped many of them to plan and restructure their property portfolios. Mainly for the long term, example for retirement planning. Shaun has also planned for his own property portfolio as well. This is wealth creative for his family.

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